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Monday, May 29, 2006

Dubbed version of Ash’s film Choker Bali being released ‘for adults only’

Poor Ash. Nothing she does seems to turn out right. First she faced the flack for her lack of dress sense in Cannes, and now she is being projected as a sex starved widow in a Tamil film.

Her much talked about film Choker Bali has been dubbed in Tamil and is being released under the title Aishwarya Oru Perazhahi.

In the film, Aishwarya plays the character of Binodini, a widow who refused to lead a life of deprivation and it deals with the ills of the then Bangla society, besides widow remarriage and inhuman practice of Sati. But cashing in on a few aesthetically shot intimate scenes, distributors of the Tamil version have reduced it to an adult film.

The release talks about Aishwarya’s sex-starved emotions, topless scenes and how the film is going to make the audience go berserk but has no mention about the social problems it deals with. They even sent a series of stills from the film that supported their statements about the film. Wonder how the actress, whose currently shooting in Chennai, is going to deal with this one.


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