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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Namitha in Hollywood Film "Maya"

She is going where very few actresses from the south have gone before to Hollywood! Namitha has been signed on to play the title role in an English film, which is being produced by Hollywood producer Gregory Castante.
The film titled Maya has Namitha playing the role of a traditional Malayali girl. The story is about a young girl who comes to Kerala from London. Played by English actress Zaina, the girl meets Maya, soon after which she is drawn into a mystery, resulting in an unexpected sequence of events and climax.

The film is directed by Eric Manning who has a few suspense thrillers to his credit, which include films like Tales from Beyond and Inside Job.

Speaking about how they zeroed in on Namitha for the role, Ramesh of Global One Studio, who handles the studio’s India operations, said, “Basically the character is of a traditional looking Malayali girl, who comes from a highly cultured family. The director had briefed me about what he was looking for, and we wanted a heroine who was popular. Namitha fit the bill perfectly.

Her portions of the film will be shot in traditional old mansions and forests in Kerala.

An excited Namitha said, “I am really honoured that they picked me to act in an English film. I am the only actress from India. The rest of the cast is from Hollywood. I was told that they were looking out for an actress from the south with a combination of glamour and talent and they considered a number of actresses before I was selected.

I feel like all my hard work has finally paid off. The best part about my character is that it is very different. I am not being typecast, yet I suit the role perfectly.


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