Chennai Spy

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ranjith makes a comeback in Kollywood with Don Chera

After an impressive stint in Malayalam films actor/director Ranjith has made a comeback in Tamil with Don Chera, a powerful script written by Ram Gopal Verma’s assistant, Salim. The film is about the life of a don played by Ranjith who turns a new leaf after he meets a sex worker played by Suji Bala. “It’s an unusual thriller and my character is not like the regular dons you come across in other films. Chera is totally different,” claims the actor.

Vikraman’s associate, K.S. Saravana will direct the film. The actor is not deterred by the box office disaster of his debut directorial venture Bheeshmar and will be directing another film soon. “Bheeshmar received critical acclaim from the media for its subject value and that has given me confidence to start my next project,” he reveals.