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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simbu, Reema fight on film sets

Controversy seems to dog actor Silambarasan. The rift between Simbhu and Reema Sen which started on the sets of the Vallavan, his directorial debut, reportedly took an ugly turn. At a recent shoot for a song sequence, sources revealed that harsh words were exchanged between the two stars and Reema stormed off the sets. She later flew to Mumbai without completing the shoot.

The film has two other heroines — Nayanthara and Sandhya — apart from Reema Sen. The title song was shot and huge sets were erected on two different floors for this purpose. The song featured Simbhu, Nayanthara and Reema. A source close to the producer, who was a witness to the whole drama, said it all started when Reema said she was unhappy with the costume that she had been given for that particular shot. “It was the title song and Simbhu and Nayan were ready with makeup.

Reema who came in a cheerful mood, was upset after she saw the costume. She refused to wear it, but Simbhu did not give her a another costume to change into because the outfit was made after getting her approval.

But Reema put her foot down, and told Simbhu to finish the shooting with Nayan, and said she would come back only after she got a change of costume. This angered the actor/director, and he shouted at her in front of the entire unit. She also lost her cool and yelled, after which she left the sets and drove straight back to her hotel room and went to Mumbai.”

This is the fourth time both actors have fought on the sets, said a unit hand. Now the buzz is that Simbhu wants Reema out of the film. When the producer of the film Thenappan was contacted, he said, “We are hoping that they will reach an amicable compromise and things will settle in a day or two. We hope to resume the shooting with Reema Sen only.” When Simbu was contacted, he said that he would wait for a few days for things to calm down. And if it did not, he would consider replacing her.


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