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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Srikanth in a fight?

The students of St. Patricks school thronged the school ground on Thursday afternoon inspite of the scorching heat to witness the shooting of the Srikanth–Bhavana starrer Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai produced by journalist turned producer Anthanan.

A huge crowd of curious onlookers gathered outside the school gate to watch the shoot and the air was filled with excitement. There was a round of applause as actor Srikanth came out of his caravan to act out his part. Hordes of girls surrounded him and asked him for autographs.

The shoot began with director Stanley giving instructions to the junior artistes telling them to take their position to act as college students. The scene was typical of a love story. Srikanth pounced on another actor, beat him and dragged him from an auto rickshaw towards the heroine as a present. “In this particular scene I try to impress Bhavana, who plays a college student. I go to her college and beat up one of the staff who had misbehaved with her earlier,” said Srikanth.

Even after four takes Srikanth could not get the part of ‘beating’ up the actor right, and as they were getting ready for the fifth take, an argument broke out between the actor and the director. Srikanth could not get the part right as he had a soft corner for the new actor and did not want to hit him very hard.

The new actor turned out to be the Srikanth’s manager, Muthuramalingam, who looks after his call sheet. He had been asked to do the role as he replaced a junior actor who had not turned up for the shoot. Finally, to everyone’s relief, the part came out right in the seventh take.

In between shots, many boys surrounded the pretty actress, Bhavana as she sat down to rest. They were all trying to talk to her. The scene was a lead to a romantic song. After almost half a day, the location was shifted to a canteen set that was installed on the other side of the school.


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