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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tamil Film Producers Council Election on July 9th

Election to various posts of the Tamil Film Producers Council will be conducted on July 9.

This was decided at the executive committee meeting of the council held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of A.M. Rathinam. The council's new president, two vice-presidents, two honorary secretaries and 21 executive committee members will be elected at the election.

Also noted is split among Tamil Producers Council which caused this new election to come into efftect.

As forecast, the Tamil Film Producers Council has split; a group of executive committee members of the council gathered on the evening of 27th February and passed a resolution dismissing its president Sathyajyothy Thyagarajan since he acted in favour af a popular TV channel; he is replaced by A.M. Rathnam.

Supporters of Thyagarajan, including producer Siva Shakthi Pandian, Henry and K. Rajan, raised slogans, claimed the decision as illegal and Thyagarajan still continues to be the president. They had wordy duels with supporters of Rathnam, including Kalaipuli S. Dhanu, A.L. Azhagappan, Anbalaya Prabhakaran, Muralidharan, S.A. Chandrasekhara, Kameela Nasser, Keyar and others.

Police were deployed in large numbers and heated exchanges between the producers added to the tense moments. This comes in the wake of the Council threatening to file a case against a leading TV channel for Rs. 2000 crores for cheating producers and refusing to give any film clippings and songs of the newly released Tamil films to them.


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