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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome to the world of Chennai Spy!

Hi There,

We welcome you to the Blog World of Chennai Spy!

Keeping it short and sweet for all you restless and impatient Bloggers out there who cannot afford more than two minutes to be a part of the movie mania.

This is your stop to read, laugh, move on or may be try your hand at humor too. So if you want to know what this 'Chennai Spy' words all about? Browse around our Blog Posts to find out the shortest hilarious summaries of your favorite and not so favorite movies, celebrities, and everything about Chennai.

Browse around to make your kill now! And be sure you check out the blog regularly for we got loads of Spy News (subscribe to RSS) coming up from our network to keep you served hot and fresh. So delve in for some for kick butt humor and cracking news tracked by your one and only Chennai Spy...

The mission of Chennai Spy is to connect Movie Maniacs and Chennaites with professional news in related media industries, as well as with unique inside information to give them an edge about latest happening in Chennai.

It’s all about Kollywood & Chennai. Let’s start our Spy Journey from Today (May 14th 2006). Oh ya, how did I forget to wish your mom a “Happy Mother’s Day”!

Mr.Chennai Spy


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