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Friday, June 02, 2006

Asin dazzles at Metroplus Lifestyle Show

Asin looked cool and totally unruffled by the mobs of excited people at the inauguration of the `Metroplus Lifestyle Show' on Thursday morning.

Little girls waved notebooks for autographs, men giggled and mothers waved their toddlers in the air for Asin to see.

The third edition of the lifestyle show at the Chennai Trade Centre is a spectacular exhibition of swanky cars, booming music systems, snazzy flat screen television sets, dazzling diamonds, rich silks and more.

Asin walked past the luxurious furniture section, stopped to admire a collection of picturesque gramophones and posed at a stall lush with artificial flowers, charming the owner so much that he gave her a bouquet.

She also inaugurated Samsung's stall, stopping to admire their LCD TVs, got a crash course on sari weaving at RmKV and signed autographs by the dozen, while her security glared at the overly-exuberant.

Asin finally left, in a flurry of waves and flashbulbs, but the Lifestyle Show promises to rock through the next few days.


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