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Monday, June 05, 2006

Tele-film takes an offbeat look at gender

A tele-film Oruvargal is based on the sensitive subject of a man who is confused about his sexual identity, made by DFT (Diploma in Film Technology) students was recently screened for the select media gathering at Prasad Studios in the city. The film revolves around Meenakshi (Mohan) who grew up with his cousin Arun (Ram) right from his childhood. As he grows up, he sees some biological changes in himself and slowly realises that he is turning into a woman.

As an adult Meenakshi is drawn towards Arun and she wants to marry him. Kavya (Heera) enters their lives and Arun and Kavya fall for each other. Unable to bear this, Meenakshi kills Kavya. The rest is all about Meenakshi’s struggle and an unexpected climax at the end.

Interacting with the media, the debut director Anbu Parthasarathy, a DFT student said, “The theme was inspired from the reality show Acchamillai Acchamillai aired on Jaya TV which is anchored by actress Lakshmi. In one of the episodes, I saw a guy who got changed from a male to a female, sharing his harrowing experience in society and how he was disowned even by his own parents. This touched my heart and I made this film adding few cinematic elements instead of merely making a documentary on eunuchs.”

The one hour film which will be featured at various international film festivals including the Indian Panorama has been made at an unbelievably low cost of Rs 2.25 lakhs. The director claims that the reason why he made it at such a low price is because he wanted to disprove the belief that DFT students always go overboard in budget.

Earlier, the DVD of the film was released and directors Susi Ganesan, Bala Shekaran, Maheshwar, journalist Ramji and film institute professor, Ravi Raja spoke on the occasion.


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