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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Trouble between Arya and director Saran

The feud between actor Arya and director Saran has taken a turn for the worse after Arya walked out of director Saran’s next venture Vattaram. And both of them have complained about each other to the Artistes’ Association and to the Producers’ Council respectively.

According to sources in the industry, Arya has been offered the hero’s role in Bala’s Nan Kadavul, after actor Ajith opted out, and he did not want to lose the opportunity.

But since he has received an advance and has also confirmed dates with Saran, the director is not willing to let him go, thus leaving the actor in a lurch.

Speaking to this newspaper, Saran said, “I have given him an advance for the film Vattaram. Even the entire story has been narrated to him and all the artistes have been finalised for the shooting. We wanted to start the project on June 25, but Arya requested for a change in dates to pursue his other project Auto. So I agreed to reschedule it for July 5.

And now after everything is fixed, he has walked out of my project to accept Bala’s film. It is very unethical. In fact, I told him to complete Vattaram and leave in September for Bala’s project. But due to undue pressure from Bala, Arya is adamant that he wants to leave right away. After I came to know that he had taken up this issue with the Artistes’ Association, I have no choice but to approach the Producers Council with this matter.”

Arya, when contacted, said, “Look, I had committed to Saran sir last July in the capacity of a producer and not as a director. After Idhaya Thirudan flopped at the box-office, he said he wanted to make a comeback as a director. After I gave him my word, he changed plans and requested that I do a film under his direction, and I agreed to this. Contrary to his claims, he has not narrated the script to me. I have not signed any written agreement on my dates either.”

“In fact, I have waited for over a year for his project to come through and now since I am getting an offer from Bala , I do not want to let this opportunity go. It is true that I did take an advance from him, but I am willing to pay the interest on the payment till I return from Bala’s film. The bottom line is that I can’t afford to put my career at stake,” Arya said.


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